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Arenti Laxihub Series
Laxihub by Arenti Series Camera Starting Just $19
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Best Quality Security Camera

Arenti Smart
Camera Starting
Just $19

Best Quality Security Camera

Arenti Smart
Camera Starting
Just $19

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100%Wire-free battery powered outdoor security camera

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Wi-Fi 1080HD, motion detection, indoor security camera

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Smart doorbell, baby monitor and more

Arenti Smart Camera Series

Arenti Technology is a leading AIoT group, Born in the Netherlands, Arenti is founded by a group of experts from different fields including the world’s biggest security company, the fortune global 500 companies, and the world’s leading smart home platform. Arenti core team has over 30 years of experience in AIoT, security & the smart home industry.

Laxihub Smart Camera Series

Laxihub is the new brand of Arenti Technology, aiming to offer global users easier, safer, and smarter home security products & solutions with the perfect combination of cutting-edge design, affordable price, advanced technology & user-friendly functions. 

Build Your Smart and Secure Arenti Home

Combine all your Arenti products into a connected, united, and smart security solution.

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One App for All Control

Stay connected with your home and business anytime from anywhere.

Enjoy the 24/7 all-day and all-season protection from Arenti with the most reliable, durable, and stylish outdoor cameras.

We are committed to providing safer, easier and smarter products.

Arenti is aiming to offer global users easier, safer, and smarter home security products & solutions with the perfect combination of cutting-edge design, affordable price, advanced technology & user-friendly functions.


Happy notes from our happy customers

It’s easy to set up, I just download the app and scan it. All done. The image is really clear and has motion alert even jut the wind blowing. It comes with a sim card which is really thoughtful.

Sarah Jones

Amazon Customer

This little camera exceeded my expectations. It’s stylish and I love that it has geofencing. I was always skeptical about putting cameras inside my house because they can be hacked.  Love it!!!

Jessica Foxx

Amazon Customer

We went for a battery-powered camera due to having no power where we needed to place the camera and needed one that will only record when it picks up movement,  the app makes it easy to set up the camera!

Briana Luke

Arenti Fan

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If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us

About us

We support 24-6 Online 1-on-1 service.

Please contact us on the Contact page. Or send the issue to our technical team:, our technical team will follow up within 24hours and help you solve the issue. 

We are committed to providing safer, easier and smarter products.


Sound Detection;
High-Grade 2-Way Audio;
AI-Powered Motion Detection;
Works with Alexa & Google Assistant


Bank-level Encryption;
Geo-fencing Privacy Mode;
Amazon AWS Global Server;
Instant Alarm Push upon Detection


All You Need is 1 App;
Simple to Setup and Use;
Wired or Wire-free Options;
Cloud Storage & SD Card Supported

Your privacy safe is our top priority.

1, Our camera is designed with an encryption process using the algorithm AES-128. All data will be encrypted, including event messages, control commands, streaming for live view, cloud storage, and local storage.
AES-128 is a high-standard and advanced security encryption algorithm, widely recognized by the industry.
For part of the models, we apply a private file format for local storage. That means the recording file stored on an SD card can’t be played by the third-party media player.
All cameras support privacy mode. Users can configure the on/off status of the lens. At off status, no data will be transferred from the device. In the meantime, part of the models has the physical cover function, the lens will roll up undercover. This realizes absolute privacy protection.

2, Within the complete interaction between device, server, and APP, all data transmission is done via HTTPS, strengthened by SSL algorithm, including streaming, event message, and control commands. SSL is the industry standard for secure communication, which can effectively secure the data transmission at the network.

3, We select AWS as our only cloud service partner. All service is built via AWS, no other cloud supplier as AWS is the industry’s most recognized, best cloud service provider for security and privacy protection. For users, the most important data is account credentials. At the server, the account credential is encrypted with AES-128. We also add key authentication at P2P transmission used for streaming, furtherly strength the data safety.

4, Two-step verification is used for APP login. When the user modifies account credentials or remote login happens, the verification code will be sent for two-step verification.
Meanwhile, APP collects mobile data strictly satisfying international general legal requirements.

You can choose any one of them, it’s entirely up to you. Our device supports an SD card that up to 128GB. We also support cloud storage services, please refer to the Cloud page for more information. Meanwhile, we provide a 3-month free cloud storage trial. If you are satisfied after the expiration, you can choose to continue to pay for it monthly or replace it with SD card storage.

What Wi-Fi network d

The camera only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. Search for the router model on Google or other browsers and analyze the Wi-Fi band supported by your router.  If the router is a dual-band router, please connect to the 2.4G band Wi-Fi before adding the device. If the router only supports 5G Wi-Fi and cannot add devices, it is recommended to replace the router. If the router only supports 2.4G, you can add devices.

Continuous customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. For any product we sold on Amazon, we provide a 30-day Free Return Guarantee and 2-Year Limited Warranty.

If you are interested in distributing our brand, please contact :

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