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5 Solutions to Prevent Your Amazon Packages From Being Stolen

package theft

Did you know that every year in the United States there are around 25 million parcel thefts? Yes, that’s right.

Arguably, there are more thefts from the porches of homes that have ordered a package than from a supermarket or a train station. Why does this happen?

Lack of preparation and lack of security on the part of homeowners, as most of these senseless thefts, could be avoided if we did a little more on our part in terms of home security and took care of the small details.

package theft

Nowadays, everyone is buying online and receiving packages at home, especially now that we are living in a global pandemic that is forcing us to isolate ourselves even more from the world and has moved most of our commerce to the Internet.

Not only does this mean that parcel services will have double the workload and therefore a higher probability of error, but that the more experienced package thieves will have a much greater chance of getting hold of your parcels and enriching themselves at your expense.

And what is the time of the year when most package thefts occur? During the vacations, especially during the winter vacations around Christmas, as this is the time when most people travel for long periods of time and leave the house completely alone and lying in wait for the most experienced thieves who are waiting for the best opportunity to act.

The Best Solutions to Prevent package stolen

For all these reasons, we are going to give you a series of key tips that will help you to effectively prevent these thefts and that will allow you to travel much more relaxed throughout the year.

Take note!

Installing an outdoor security camera

One of the most effective tricks that police forces always recommend to homeowners with limited outdoor security is to install a security camera on the porch, and you can place a doorbell camera or a wireless outdoor video surveillance camera.

While placing a camera will not prevent a burglary from occurring, because if the thief is determined to take your packages he will do so with or without security, it will serve as a deterrent and provide security footage to help police identify the thief and recover your merchandise.

For this reason, the police always recommend installing a security camera that is quite visible from the outside, as this will put the thief on notice and make him doubt whether to carry out the robbery on that property.

Hire the Key by Amazon delivery program

The company Amazon is not only famous for the number of products it has and for its efficient delivery system, but also for one of the most innovative and reliable secure delivery programs currently available: Key by Amazon.

With this system, we hire a security key that the delivery drivers will have and with which they can request to leave a package in our garage, the trunk of our car, or directly in our portal.

Perhaps it may seem unsafe that a deliveryman can open the trunk of your car without you being in front of it, but the truth is that the delivery man will not be able to do it unless you authorize it. In addition, you can also see in real-time everything they do through your cell phone, so the delivery drivers know they are being watched and will just do their job and leave. Of course, it’s a really efficient system that will keep away the neighborhood thieves who are waiting for the best opportunity to take your package.

Control your package

More and more parcel delivery companies are allowing customers to control in real-time the status of their order, being able to check if the package is still in the warehouse, in preparation, if it is being delivered or if it has already been delivered while we were not at home.

This control we can do in real time from our smartphone or from our computer, being able to better control the time of delivery and avoid the delivery man leaving the package on our porch or to deliver it to the wrong person pretending to be us or a neighbor.

Ask a trusted neighbor for help

Sometimes the best way to prevent theft is to resort to one of the oldest anti-theft systems of all time: asking a trusted neighbor for help.

If you know that your neighbor will be home when the package arrives, and you won’t be able to pick it up in person, the best thing to do is to talk to him and ask him to pick it up for you.

Don’t forget to leave instructions for the delivery person as to who your neighbor is and what he can give your package to him without any problem.

Of course, make sure that you give your neighbor’s information correctly and that he really is someone you trust, especially if you are going to leave in his hands very valuable parcels with a high economic value.

Choose alternative delivery points

If you are a person who spends a lot of time away from home and you need to have a safe alternative delivery point where you can receive your packages, perhaps your best option is to hire one of the delivery point services offered by companies like Amazon Hub Locker, which give you the possibility to receive packages in fully secure self-service containers where you can pick up your package later with a security code.

This way the delivery person will not even have to pass through your front door and no thief will be able to take advantage of your absence to get hold of any of your packages. The package goes directly to the delivery point that you indicate and then you go to pick it up with the peace of mind of knowing that it will still be there and that no one can access it except you with your code.

Here are some of the best tricks to keep all your Amazon packages from falling into the wrong hands. Follow them as we’ve explained them, and you’ll never have to worry about thieves in your neighborhood again!

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