IN1 Indoor Camera

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Arenti IN1 Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Mini Security Camera

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Arenti IN1 Indoor Camera

Pristine Clarity

Multiple Installation

Multiple Installation

1080p Full HD & 33 ft Night Vision

Motion Detection & Sound Detection

Not Just See, But Hear and Talk

Not Just See, But Hear and Talk

Geofence Privacy Mode

Control with Your Voice

Security at Your Fingertips

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 18.5 × 6.5 cm

1pc, 1pc with SD card, 2pc, 2pc with SD card

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77 reviews for IN1 Indoor Camera
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  1. Michael Angelini

    Hugo the Cat

    Bought for my daughter to keep an eye on her tortoise! Turned out to be a great little camera, better than expected! Easy to set up and access remotely. Picture quality is excellent. Very pleased with this purchase.

  2. Luna Mora

    Good camera for the price

    At first I thought I couldn’t view away from the house over Android mobile data, but that just must have been a phone fluke, because now it is working. So this is a revised review. Camera is very easy to set up over wifi, the picture is clear, sound good for the price. Since I installed it, some of my phone apps stall even though I deleted 3 apps to make more room. Just have to close and reopen them. Will see what happens,

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  3. Andy Edenfield


    Great video quality night vision is nice and the video is active hardly any lag only issue is the motion detection is very sensitive and records any motion including if a piece of paper just blows in the wind but other the. That great

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  4. Tabi

    Love it

    Very good quality.. been using it for a month or so now. It’s very very easy to set up. We set it up in less than 10 mins. Love it

  5. Mathew A.

    Best Product available for the price hands down!

    Best camera you can buy at this price hands down. I am extremely surprised at how well this camera performs for the price, I can view the live image on my various Google Home devices as well as get notifications via motion tracking, there is also cloud capabilities at a cost, but you can throw in a Micro SD card and you’ll be good to go.The app and setup was extremely easy, just download the Arenti app, scan the QR code and setup the wifi is all that’s necessary, fast smooth, and app performance is very quick and easy to use. I have other cameras, and their apps take forever to load, can be buggy and are not even compatible with Alexa or Google home, and not even mentioning the picture quality, this camera is 100 times better in all regards. A+

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  6. c hyde

    Seems fine, never used

    I wasnt thinking when it said wireless i was thinking no need to plug in. You have to plug in.Sure it’s fine just not what i needed.

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  7. Mama Lorri

    Great little nannycam / indoor security cam

    It took me a couple of days to figure out how to set it up and because of the holidays it took a couple of days for customer support to get back to me. Otherwise I’m very happy. Using it as a nannycam.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Nice and Compact with rich video quality

    Doing its job absolutely fine. Picture quality is rich and clear and night vision as clear as day. Worth more than it actually costs.

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  9. L. O. Zamudio

    Very nice bang for buck… I’m impressed!

    Night vision, motion detection and picture quality are excellent, the app and it’s features are also very good, but what I like most about this cam is the ferromagnetic base. Cloud and MicroSD, standard connections… Brilliant!

  10. Andrea Brown

    Indoor camera works great

    Does very good more than I expected

  11. Junming

    Very useful camera

    I am so proud to recommend this Home Security Camera. I was always concerned about my home safety. When I got this, I feel very safe at the moment. Thanks for Arenti, the exterior design is very perfect! And the resolution is very good. It can remind me when someone in my room. It is a very powerful function!

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  12. Crystal

    Great camera. High definition and you can hear everything

    This camera is perfect to check on your pets keep in your room. I wouldn’t recommend it as a security camera just because you can easily mess around with the internet or unplug it. I use it to check on my cat when I’m not home. I love it because I can call her over the intercom.

  13. Jessica T.

    GREAT Camera!

    What I love most about this camera is being able to perfect the settings to exactly what you’re looking for you. Also really love the fact that you can delete all history or multiples at once instead of individually like other cameras.

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  14. Jessica

    Purchase an SD card!

    Great quality camera, well made, picture quality is amazing! 1 con is needing an SD card to record and save.

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  15. JR

    Best indoor camera

    I bought one just to try it out since they were not expensive. I am impressed for how useful these cameras are. It is really amazing that something affordable can be that good. I even use it as an intercom to call my husband who’s always in the garage. I have 2 installed and this is the 3rd camera bought . Can’t wait to install it. Great cameras.

  16. Rebecca M. Robrahn

    Very good

    Very good camera for the price. I can look back at it. Save recordings

  17. Diana Benitez

    Takes a little patience to set up camera

    Good qaulity for the price image a little blurry but enough to see objects,notification are a little annoying cause it sends a lot of motion detected ones but not too bad over all good camera for price

  18. pedro alvarado

    Loved it

    I give it 4 stars cause it’s hard to connect and make it work. After it connects everything works and run smoothly, high quality and good price.

  19. J Dick

    Have to have Wifi

    Didn’t know you have to have WiFi to connect the camera ???

  20. R. DeLozier

    Long cord is convenient.

    This thing is great especially for the awesome price.It even has night detections.. if you want to be able to move the camera you’ll need the other model which isn’t much different in price but a little bigger.

  21. Abdul Rehman

    Does it job, sometimes have issues connecting.

    This is really good for us since we just adopted a dog. The app is pretty easy to use. It even has a cry detection, which I appreciate. The only issue is that we sometimes had issues turning on the camera in the beginning. Not so much now. It is pretty durable as well. I accidentally dropped it on the floor. The back of the camera fell out. I expected it to break completely, seeing how small and dainty it is. But after pushing the back in, it works perfectly. Doesn’t give me any trouble at all.

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  22. dfwsig

    Impressive and highly affordable camera

    I gave this little camera 5 stars because of the price and what it does for this price. It is really amazing that something this affordable can be good. I have been using this for about a week now and I must repeat myself, I am impressed, so much so, I ordered a second that arrived yesterday. (The second one I ordered with and SD card when bundled, it is a really inexpensive SD card.)There are a few items during setup that are not as smooth as I would have hoped it would, but feel with time they will get the directions better. If this were a $100 camera, I would have given it only 4 stars, but this is a twenty-something $ camera and for this small investment, I still give it a 5.I will update this 5-star review in 6 months and let you know if my initial impression holds. I am actually going to place the second camera outside (covered but still outside) as I am curious how it will hold up. I am betting it will do well.

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  23. S. Garcia

    great price

    Work Amazing

  24. Randy

    Love this camera!

    This little camera exceeded my expectations. It’s stylish and I love that it has geo fencing. I was always skeptical by putting cameras inside my house because they can be hacked. But whith geo fencing if is was hacked my Camera is off when I am home. Love it!!!

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  25. Mila

    Great camera for baby monitor

    Got this camera mainly for baby monitor. Does it’s job very well. Was easy and quick set up. Video quality is good and motion detection is on point. Always thought you have to have your phone open whole time to monitor but there’s an option to set up with motion detection that it notifies you of any movement even when your phone is off.

  26. Amazon Customer

    So Far I’m Impressed

    Setup was incredibly easy. I scanned the QR code added the wi-fi and password and we were ready to go. It took less than 5 min to get going! The app is a little laggy but still useable and user friendly. So far I’m really happy with the picture quality and performance. I’ll update if anything interesting to share comes up.

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  27. Penny C

    Easy to use

    Night vision was not as great as I expected. Good video quality during the day, or well lighted room. This was very easy to install and set up.

  28. Hector Arteaga

    Works exactly as described.

    Does the job. App works well. Not much else to say.

  29. Mark R. Kluth

    Very easy to use

    I’ve only had this security camera in my business for about a week, but so far it’s working great. It’s constantly recording to the SD card, even when not connected to Wi-Fi. As soon as I connect it to Wi-Fi, it shows me all the video it’s been accumulating for the time it wasn’t connected. Set up was a breeze and the accompanying app works well. I set the motion and sound detectors to medium setting, but it’s so sensitive it sometimes picks up cars driving by in the middle of the night. I may have to set the sensitivity lower, but it’s definitely recording all the activities it needs to be recording. Also, excellent price!

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  30. Gin Gin

    Buy it

    I highly recommend this camera. All of it- night vision and picture quality on point. It detections from the slightest of motion. So happy to have bought this and wished I did it sooner. App installment is easy too

  31. Jiaying Zhou

    Highly recommended

    We recently bought one of these and when it arrived the set up guide was easy to use. I just downloaded the app, plugged in the camera, and followed the steps after hitting the setup button. Now for the camera – the picture is crystal clear, and I like that when I’m viewing my property through the app. The other great features include camera snapshot, recording on the spot, and a speaker to talk through the camera to whoever is being recorded or near the camera. I see this being the PERFECT device to be used indoors. It’s less effective when used through windows but mostly does the job for me.

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  32. Lichun Zhang

    Great for the price

    We had the camera for 3 days now and I love this thing! Night vision is good quality. Picture itself is pretty good, but the video has a little lag. I’ll figure out how long it’ll live and if it’s an actual good deal, but so far I’m way satisfied.



    Love this camera. Picture quality is great, both day and night vision. Sound quality is also terrific.

  34. Amazon Customer

    It works ok

    It works.No problems.

  35. Kathy Gonzalez

    Great for price

    HD picture quality ! Different settings has cloud plus you can add storage sd card

  36. Tom

    Wi-Fi security camera for in-house

    Wi-Fi security cameras for in your house I got this so I can protect the interior of my house while on my way and keep track of who comes and goes in my house and also I can keep an eye on my dogs to make sure there are not up to no good The security camera has night vision in a crystal clear picture highly recommended anybody’s looking for a nice Wi-Fi camera

  37. Aaron Cottrell

    Remote monitoring, easy to use app

    I really like this camera. The app is super easy to use and it performs all the functions I need. Other cameras had fell short of what I needed but this camera does everything including remote live monitoring which is awesome. This camera was less expensive than the previous cameras I had tried yet still a superior product. I highly recommend this camera. Especially with such a low price it should of cost more to be honest. Very happy my security camera search is over.

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  38. Rita

    Recommend this device!

    I luv this small camera! Easy set up and good quality pic. I also luv that l can talk to my dogs and watch what they do when l am work. I recommend this camera.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install

    Product works great and I would buy again. Only gave it a 4 star due to a weird issue with it not connecting to our phones for 2 days but hasn’t messed up since

  40. Chiquana C.

    Very good camera

    This is a very good camera the day and night vision are very clear. The volume should’ve been a bit more louder but I like them a lot

  41. T. Atencio

    A great value

    Love the camera quality. Very detailed. A little better instructions to set it up but with a little persistence I figured it out. As far as the price, I highly recommend it.

  42. Blue Wugui

    connecting more than two cameras to wifi-network is very tricky

    I bought 4 cameras but only two connected. Figured out that once you have two cameras set up, UNPLUG them and continue setting up each additional camera. Aside from this, the image is fantastic. Waiting for nightfall to check its night vision.

  43. Brenda

    Great value and great product!

    Love love love! Great value. I have 2 and love. Super easy to set up!

  44. MzBHaven24/7

    Awesome little security camera for the price! I WOULD RECOMMEND!

    Shoutout to Zachary Anderson (EZ TECH) for his review of this product. I’d never have known about this had it not been for following him on YouTube – Check him out!So far, I really like this little security camera. I work nights and need something small ‘tucked away’ so I can keep an eye on my apartment when I’m not home. The motion sensor is awesome! I have my TV set to come on at a certain time and I always get a notification about it (LOL).I really only use it when I’m away from home (road trips, at work, etc.) But so far, I have no complaints. Great for the price. Basic and simple.

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  45. Waddy Torres


    Si,para el hogar

  46. AK

    Daytime camera works fine

    Daytime camera and app works great, the night time picture is poor.


    Great for the price

    Love this camera purchasing my second one now it is very affordable. My only issue is the 2 way talk is not clear and there is a slight delay in the video relay.

  48. dfwsig

    Still impressed after a couple of months.

    So far this camera is still performing very well for me and am still impressed for what you get for your money here. I am embarrassed to say that I do not know what sheerness means with respect to this canera, but I gave it a 4, everything else being a 5. I have a couple of neat cameras and find it hard to justify what I paid for them with similar image qualities, in my opinion.

    21 people found this helpful

  49. vitin

    Good camera

    good quality tha aplication not have too much options but dont share the camera with other device same time

  50. Mario A.

    Good camera for the price

    Overall this product is good. The only 2 Cons are that the speaker when you speak is not loud enough. The other is there are no other products to co-mingle on the same app.

  51. dengtang

    Nice USB camera

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This camera has worked great in ourgarden. I now have a second camera for my nursery. It seems sturdy and well made and does not look/feel cheap at all. It has all the features that other expensive wifi camera has.The picture and video quality is really good. This is my first night vision camera and I really like it. It takes clear picture of the whole garden in which it is located. I am hoping this camera will last a long time that will make me a even happier customer.

    14 people found this helpful

  52. Victorie Liz

    Nice camera for the price

    Good product with easy to read instructions.

  53. Nehisi Ahhah Djedefre

    Great item for the price

    For the money it was well worth the purchase, set up to the less than 5 minutes. I like it so much I purchased another one

  54. Yanni

    Picture quality

    Can’t beat price quality! Amazing camera, at night the images are not so good. I installed it on my window as you can see the picture is high definition. You have motion detection that is a great thing for a patio or backyard. I have some issues with my wifi connection but I’m happy so far.

    15 people found this helpful

  55. stephanie

    Super impressed!

    I cannot say enough good things about this camera! I have a Vivnt home security system with a indoor camera that features all the same qualities but for much, much less. It connected quickly. I was up and running in less than a minute. Camera quality is good and love the history feature and intercom feature.One item to note – I ordered this camera for my son who lives in apartment and uses the supplied wifi and was not able to connect without having the mac address.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Alex

    Amazing product!

    I added it in my garage, and I love Night vision and motion detection is amazing. Even if a mosquito flies at night, I get the alert… Really good!

    11 people found this helpful

  57. Terry Wilson

    It’s works!

    Definitely would like to purchase another one or two

  58. Threetooltrader

    Solid no frills option for indoor monitoring

    Easy setup, clear picture, high quality no frills unit. Speakers could be better but they are adequate.

  59. Ryan Bishop

    easiest camera install ever

    i needed a cheap and quick way to watch the front of the house. after downloading the app, it walks you thru the setup, which takes about a 3 minutes. place the camera and you’re live. i just ordered more of them.

    5 people found this helpful

  60. Dee

    Easy to use.

    Perfect for what I was looking for. Easy to use!

  61. denny branham



  62. Leticia

    Great for the price

    Awesome! Didn’t even realize you can hear and talk thru this. Amazing.

  63. kewoodxu

    Great functionality and EASY set up

    This little device is so powerful yet easy to set up. It was my first security camera and it took me less than 2 minutes to set up following the clear instructions! Once setting up, I could view live images from my phone with clear image. I tested it with a few hand waves and voila – I received instantaneous warnings on my phone. It also comes with a 3-month FREE storage service. While I am saving my videos locally, I do think that’s a great option to have. One more thing, the camera is attached to a ball-and-socket joint so it could really be rotated to suit my need. Really pleasant to use!

    24 people found this helpful

  64. cheryl smith


    Set up was a snap. I’ve loved playing with it. Now all I have to do is set it where it’s supposed to be and leave it alone.

  65. Irma Cosentino

    Great product

    Great buy. I use it for my garage, now I can keep my garage door open and be alerted if any motion is detected. Easy to mount and set up.

    15 people found this helpful

  66. Justin gillett

    Amazing picture and quality!

    I’ve been looking for an affordable security camera to set up in my home and came across this product. The features and price matched my needs, so I ordered the product and it arrived quickly.It was simple to set up. The APP is streamlined and very user friendly. You can also link it with Alexa for more functionality. The picture quality is great and it works well as my baby room monitor. The sound and motion detector reacts fast too. Gotta love smart tech! Overall, it captures a crisp image and the APP allows many functions to adjust the camera to your needs. I will highly recommend this product in the future and look forward to seeing what else Arenti offers.

    16 people found this helpful

  67. Michael Angelini


    We purchased this camera for our lounge to check on our dogs while we were out. The picture quality is excellent and the fact that we can communicate with the dogs if needed. The range which we can see is also very good.

  68. Michael Angelini


    My knowledge of these things was zero on purchase. What I’ve got is a solid camera, with a good app. But if you’re like me, and needed a CCTV solution without really knowing what you’re doing, know this. Night vision doesn’t work through double glazing. That’s my fault, I should have done more research (I didn’t want an external camera because I didn’t want the faff of drilling holes through external walls for cables).The apps that come with these budget products are budget themselves (I’ve found this with other inexpensive hardware). Whilst it does everything it said it would do, the app constantly crashes on my phone if I click a notification. However, going in via the app itself is fine.To have a motion sensor and sound sensor on a product this price is great, and it works really well, and comes with 3 sensitivity settings. Be warned, on the highest setting, even with “detect people only” active, a car driving past your house will trigger it (if you’re aiming it out the window as I am).But other than me not understanding what I’m buying, I can’t fault this product beyond the app crashing, so less one star for just that reason.

  69. Michael Angelini


    I’ve tried 5 similarly priced monitor / cameras, and come to the conclusion that they ALL have fake reviews.Of the 5 different ones I’ve tried, this one is the best…Littlelf : app crashed all the time, freezing video.Victure : zooming and panning was fiddly and unnecessary for baby monitor. When the camera did an unexpected 180 it wasn’t very helpful.Blink : Not continuous video, only 10 secs max.Goowls : No sound, so no good to me.This one has been the best of a not particularly great bunch. The app is just “ok” and a bad translation from Chinese to English, but it’s been quite reliable so that doesn’t bother me. The picture and sound are acceptable. Connecting via WiFi didn’t cause a massive headache like some others.Auto switching to night vision is fine. I’m not using the cloud storage, so can’t comment on that. I haven’t used it as a speaker, can’t imagine the baby would like that very much.I’d probably have given it 5* if it wasn’t for the Chingrish.For the price, I’m happy with it, but it’s a shame I had to buy and return 4 before I found this one.Update : after 1 month it developed a few dead pixels or something, which caused a white crosshair across the whole screen. It was still usable, but annoying, so I returned it and bought the same item again (because its still the one I’ve had most success with). Decreased score from 4 to 3 stars because of that.

  70. Michael Angelini

    Dewi Roberts

    Arrived quickly and fairly easy to set up. Picture quality is good. I’ve got it indoor but looking through window. Picks up the motion of vehicles but doesn’t seem to be picking up people. It’s not bad but there’s better to be had.

  71. Michael Angelini

    Amazon Customer

    We have two young German Shepherds (known for their distructive behaviour when bored). Originally we were crating our pups when we were going out as it was only a couple hours at most. We slowly transitioned them into being in the hallway and kitchen when we were out and had no issues.Now here comes the problem…as my partner was furloughed for a year there was never a time where they were on their own all day, and originally he was working from home so again no issues. Well he got a new job and the dog mum in me is freaking out worrying they are going to get bored and destroy the house, or get through the stair gate and eat all the cats food and poop.For peace of mind I brought two of these cameras, set one in the hall and one in the kitchen, the two way microphone has been great when my girl has pawed at the stair gate or jumped up and sniffed the counter tops.I can just connect my phone to the wi-fi at work and plug in on charge and leave it sat there all day watching them as I work…other than a couple little mischievious moments I am pleasantly surprised at how well behaved my little helions are.And the added bonus is I get to spy on my mother and grandmother when they pop in to check on the pups…big brother is watching you 😉

  72. Michael Angelini

    Anonymous Dundee

    Great quality and excellent build. Amazon delivery service is a nightmare though. Keep changing the time slots and end up last on the list. Delivery driver smoking cigarettes and laughing on video chat in van for almost 35 minutes before he got out and handed over package. Never had this problem before and Amazon doesn’t want to know via live chat.

  73. Michael Angelini


    Snake viv! Love this!! Clear pictures, constant record or just motion set off. Very impressed. I use it for my snake to keep an eye on movement and escaping. Also to see in the viv when I don’t want a light on disturbing her I.e feeding. Totally recommend! Very little glare from the infra red on the glass, I hv it on constant record with a 32gig card and only wipe the card fortnightly. 3 diff record settings 1080p best one for me. Very simple and easy to use, app on my phone. Excuse the mucky glass that’s me not camera glare ?

  74. Michael Angelini

    S Rowland

    For the price what a great camera, loads of features and so far no need to try and find alt firmware. No need for cloud storage if you have the infrastructure or try the free trial and sign up. Whilst these are indoor cams I think if placed in sheltered spot they will be fine. I’m sure a third party could make silicon covers that would help make them water resistant. So far so good, I’ll update if I need to. Ordering 2 more now.

  75. Michael Angelini

    Paul Bryce

    No dislikes

  76. Delver

    On ne peux plus télécharger l’application

  77. graliontorile

    Thanks for a marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back from now on. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great job, have a nice holiday weekend!

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