Indoor1 2K Ultra HD Camera

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Arenti INDOOR1-2K Wi-Fi Security Camera


Indoor Security Camera Arenti INDOOR1, 2K/3MP Ultra HD, 2.4G Wi-Fi, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, AI Powered Human Motion Detection, Sound Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision with SD Card

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 13 cm

1pc, 1pc with SD card

25 reviews for Indoor1 2K Ultra HD Camera

  1. JLH

    Indoor Camera

    To be fair this is a nice looking camera, it’s small enough to be discreet if you’re using it on a windowsill, although there is a light that flashes so it could get spotted from outside if using for outdoor monitoring- but that’s not a bad thing, people will know you’re protected! The picture quality is good, motion detection was hit and miss but the App is easy to navigate. It did take 2 attempts for me to set up but when it was running it was ok! I say ok as I’m not convinced with the safety of the WiFi connection. The camera operates best on 2.4 Ghz but my WiFi kept prompting me to use my regular 5G for safety purposes. With this in mind I’ve disconnected it, maybe I’m overreacting!? I don’t know, but what I do know is I don’t want my devices getting hacked! I need to get more familiarised with how these cameras operate then reevaluate.

  2. seagull

    Nice entry level camera

    This is the first such camera we have used and we are mainly using it to keep an eye on the dogs when we are out. The quality of the picture is pretty good certainly good enough for our needs. Although we don’t use the two way audio it is nice to have it there and for some people this would be a very important feature it was easy enough to set up on our Wi-Fi. There is an option of fitting it with the tape on the bottom if you are going to keep it in the same place or want it mounted. I quite like the design and the black fits in well with where we have placed it. The ability to store on the cloud is very useful although I note that you only get it free for the first three months so this is something to bear in mind for the longer term.

  3. Budding Artist

    Easy to install , easy to use

    The indoor camera looks nice with an adjustment stand. You can adjust your camera to the angle you like. I use it to monitor the garden from inside. You will need to keep your cable always connected to powder (standard USB cable is provided). The range for monitoring is alright, good enough to cover the whole garden. You will need to download the app Arenti to start. Basically just follow the instructions on the app to install. I open find the last step, scanning the QR code a bit annoying as you can not really “see” whether have you managed to scan it until an alarm sound heard. Tried several times, you better keep 25 cm away . That will work. View wise , it is clear . To store your video, you will need SD card or use its cloud service. We are using SD card to store. You will get 3 month free cloud storage.But my husband is a bit hesitant to use unknown cloud service. Overall, it works alright. It gives proper notification if anything on motion detected.

  4. Jack

    Nice design and a pretty good quality image.

    I like this security camera its a nice discreet sleek design and a pretty decent image quality. This is my first foray into security cameras and we are planning on getting an echo show and putting this camera up stairs so we can keep an eye on our boy when he is playing in his room. I have managed to get it connected to the Alexa app but we don’t have the Echo Show yet so can not say how it works though that yet im afraid. The native Arenti app works well enough with the option to buy cloud storage through the app, you can also add a memory card into the camera itself. The picture quality is quite good and I like the talk through feature so we will be able to talk to our boy upstairs while we are downstairs. Its clear enough and loud enough to be understood and the lag is about 1second which isn’t too bad.Im happy about how easy it was to set up and I have turned off the motion sensor notification as its pinging every time someone walks into the room. Picture quality was fine too with a 1080p 720p and SD option again there was a bit of a lag (about 1 second) but its a security camera so not an issue for me.Over all happy and I will try and remember to update this review when we get the echo show and see if it all works!

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  5. MrC

    Its no RING Camera… but its decent.

    I have used various cameras over the years to protect my home when I am at work, or away. I started with Y-cam and then a few years back moved to RING Cameras which obviously are very decent. That said, I like to try alternative products, and also have the need for cameras to be placed at work as well as at home so wanted to try this little camera.It’s not a brand I am familiar with, but the overall spec is quite decent. 2k Camera / 3Mp and what I really like it is comes with an SD Card slot, which is nice for a LOCAL Backup. It links with Alexa, and has a 2-way voice (VERY similar to Ring) I guess the main reason you may want to buy this over an Amazon alternative is if you are worried about “big brother” listening, and want something you can capture localised footage on, on a single cam. Its not cheap, but it is quite decent.

  6. The Other Side

    Easy to setup and works as expected

    I didn’t have high hopes when I first got this security camera but I immediately got impressed at how good it is.Unboxing and setting this up was quite a straightforward process. I downloaded the compatible app and added the camera. It was detected after a short period of time. Once detected I was able to see a live view from the camera to my phone.You can adjust the quality from SD to UHD. The latter is really good quality and provides convenient degree of details and sharpness.If you want this to record a history of the live view then just pop an SD card inside of it. That way you get a copy of what is being recorded and you can rewind to check a specific thing. You can decide for the recording history duration, so you can opt for something like 3 hours history or 24 hours.This should be plugged 24/7 for it to work. If you don’t have an easily accessible outlet, worry not, it does work with a power bank.Only limitation: You cannot access the live view from the computer, only via phone. Still, 5 stars.

  7. Bookworm86

    Great price for good camera

    I found this realy easy to install and have it on my hallway wall facing the front door. picture is good in my opinion i also like the nightvision features which will automatically change when there is not enough light im using a memory card with it at the moment and found it will just overwrite peevious filming which is good to know its a good quality reasonably price security camera

  8. Jason

    Great camera, top tech. The app is complicated & confusing.

    I got this camera to provide me with footage of outside from with my home. It’s placed in an upstairs bedroom looking through a window onto the driveway.This is a very capable camera that is let down slightly by the Apps navigation. The camera has the technology that really sets it apart and it seems the app is a bit behind. I find it difficult to navigate around the app. I’ve had it about a week and still trying to remember my way around it.I’m working this on Sky broadband and a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I live rurally and get on average around 50mbs. We already have a WiFi camera connected to it, along with my wife’s and my phones, kids tablets, and a laptop. Adding this onto the 2.4ghz network doesn’t seem to affect their running but I have found the camera is very slow to load up over WiFi. During heavy useage of other WiFi usingequipment if I want to check the camera it makes sense to drop down from FHD to HD or SD. During live viewing there is a lag of around two to three seconds.Like I said above the tech on this is very cool. I love how you can set regions for alert. Which means I cna highlight an area that I want to be alert to if their is movement within that selected area. See my photos attached to review, this is the area of the orange squares. Firstly this reduces any chance of false activations set off by my big tree swaying in the wind. Secondly this is set to alert me if there is any movement by the gate of my drive. So the kids can play on the drive without setting off the alert. I’d imagine this would be very handy for alsorts of reasons.It also have the geofencing tech that I think means that when your device connects to the WiFi the camera stops recording. Ideal for privacy if you only want it working whilst you’re out.Also within the settings you can turn it on and off and set timesby setting a privacy schedule.The image quality is crisp and certainly high definition. I’m impressed and I’m using it to monitor images through a window pane.You can speak through the camera which is loud enough and it also picks up audio with extremely sensitivity. It picks up footsteps and even noise from downstairs. It can also alert you if there is noise.The app does well at instant alerts.The camera itself is very well made. It is aesthetically pleasing and looks discrete. The stand allows full rotation and the image can be flipped on the app if required. Supplied is some 3M adhesive sticker which I have stuck to a glass window and it sticks firmly. Annoyingly no spare is provided.The charger has a short ish cable so unless your power point is close you may need a longer USB cable.Oddly the plug and the camera stand has CE on but the camera itself doesn’t. The stand is non removable so that may be why but I’d feel more comfortable knowing for certain the camera is CE marked too.Night vision is not something I truly tested. Through a window the IR will just reflect off the pane. However, you can turn it off and it still works well. It still has a clear image when my security lights are illuminated.I also have not used this with an SD card so cannot comment on that. In terms of storage you get three months free cloud access then there are a number of options offered. All quite reasonable.I’ll keep this review updated as and when required.

  9. Chuck E

    Well designed, with a good range of features and the ability to define the motion sensitive areas

    I’ve had an Ezviz CT6 for a few years now, and it works well, but one problem is that, while you can reduce the sensitivity of the motion sensor, you can’t select a particular area of the image, or ‘mask off’ an area. As a result, if it’s a windy day, trees opposite will trigger the motion sensor, with the result that it is recording motion most of the day. The same would be true if you have a lot of people walking past on a footpath.With this camera, I can view the image as a grid and select only those squares where I want to record movement – e.g. the path to the door, or the driveway – and ignore areas where the motion sensor would be tripped too often by passing pedestrians or cars (there is also an option to just record human motion, which is good if you live in an area with a lot of cats!).That’s the big advantage of this camera, otherwise they are quite similar – both give a very good age and record well to micro-SD, so you don’t have to pay a subscription for cloud storage. I have an issue with both where the infra-red facility just results in a reflection from the window – I actually get a better night image with that switched off (using streetlights), so not sure how to overcome that issue.Neither camera will send a live feed to my (admittedly quite old) Alexa Echo Dot, but this Arenti model will send a live feed to my Google Home Hub, though I don’t really use it very often – it’s more suited as a security device to be monitored and notified on your phone, and to record any activity (deliveries, etc.). There is a microphone, which would allow two-way communication if you wanted to use it as a baby alarm, or to monitor your pets while away from home.In my experience the menu systems on these devices could do with a bit of streamlining, but you do start to remember where all the different options are after a while – generally, once set up, it’s just a case of monitoring the feed from your phone app.Set up itself was straightforward, but it’s worth remembering that most ‘smart devices’ work on 2.4GHz not 5GHz, and some dual band routers won’t see the device unless you temporarily switch off the 5GHz band in your router settings (I’ve switched mine of permanently because I had issues with my mobile phone switching from one band to the other and losing touch with some smart devices, and don’t really notice the loss of 5GHz).I’m happy with the build quality and features, and would say it is reasonably priced at £40-45

  10. Norbert’s Treasure Trove

    Good indoor camera with one limitation

    Configuration of this camera is very easy, just download the associated app, sign up for an account and then follow the step by step guide to connect the camera to your WiFi network. Like most cameras it does require a 2.4Ghz wireless network.The associated apps has lots of options for recording, motion detection and even enabling ONVIF. The app is really easy to use but has one big limitation. Any photos you take can be shared and saved to your phone but when it comes to video you can’t export it out of the app.The image quality is better than your average indoor camera as the resolution of the camera is 3MP compared to the normal 2MP standard.It’s small and easy to position where you want to observe a room.You can also schedule it to turn off for privacy.Overall a decent indoor camera.

  11. Ernetuti

    Not bad

    So everything would be allright but it has one cons: its night vision lapms are so bright when you wake up at the night time so not reccomending like a baby monitor, but it has good night vision, and motion detection that its perfect for security ?

  12. Shopping Again

    Good basic security camera

    Starting with built quality. It’s without fault. Looks nice and feels sturdy. I do not like placement of charging cable. Could be done in base so it would look much better. Now you got cable sticking from it and does not look that good like in advertising photos.Moving to video quality. There is no miracles here. Looks like all these cameras using same tiny sensor that produces decent quality only in bright daylight. It’s not disaster, but nowhere close to 2K. And night vision goes one step down, but this is expected – even more expensive ones lose quality in the dark.App is basic and complicated at the same time. Sometimes you just guess what this option will do. Again not surprise as I used few cameras in this price range and all they have apps designed from 90’s. When you get your way around it’s quite fun to play with different zones and setting alarms.There is lag of about 2-3 seconds (sometimes more if WI-FI is used heavy). In one instance I’ve seen myself sitting on the sofa when I was already there.I skipped option to record video in the cloud – do not like subscriptions and would prefer to do it in cloud provider of my choice. But there is SD card and if you into storing your footages you can swap cards and save footage somewhere else.Overall not bad, but not shining either. The only thing that makes this camera stand out is design and built quality.

  13. Flower

    Easy to set up

    Easy to set up. The picture is nice and clear. Night vision is also great.It’s nice and looking lovely. Small and sturdy. Great quality

  14. B. A. Taylor

    Very easy to set up.

    The camera was very easy to set up, as was the Arenti app. It also connected easily to Alexa, and the pictures could be viewed on a suitable echo device viewer.The camera comes with motion and sound detectors, two way audio, night vision and a privacy mode, so you can switch off the camera if needed. You get notifications when it detects sound or motion, which you can they play back, where ever you are.It was very easy to set up onto my Wi-fi, and I didn’t need to switch off my 5Ghz setup.The camera comes on top of a moveable stem, so that you can move it around 360 degrees, also up and down at all angles. It can be mounted on a shelf or table, or stuck on a wall with the help of the double sided sticker included.You can save images captured onto a Micro card, not included. It can take any size up to 256 Gb.Be aware, the camera is not powered by a battery, is mains run, via a Micro USB cable, it’s just that on all the pictures on the sellers page, no wires are shown, and I know you can get rechargeable cameras, as I have one.The picture quality is good for an entry level camera, and the pictures/videos can be saved to the camera/pad photo folder, as future evidence.At the moment I’m still getting to grips with it, but I have tested it from my in-laws house, I received some notifications there, and got a good picture straight away, with no lag, of a delivery being attempted.I would thoroughly recommend, but I will update, if I come across any problems with it.

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  15. ◀Daddy Android▶ ??

    Good build quality but poor image.

    I had high hopes for this camera. I use several security cameras around my home and was sold by the 2k resolution and the build quality of the camera.Sadly, the video quality is extremely poor compared with other cameras that I have. It doesn’t look any better than VGA quality, in my opinion. There doesn’t appear to be any way to improve the quality.The app seems good and comes with clear voice guidance. It’s easy to use. It is disappointing that there only seems to be a video recording option in it though, no camera snap button.The build quality of the camera is fantastic. It’s mountable via a double-sided pad, although I would personally have preferred a magnetic mount to be able to remove it if needed.Overall, I am disappointed. The image is poor and nowhere near as expected, despite the good build quality and app.

  16. Mother of Dragonflies


    This is a somewhat odd camera, the outside version resembles the case and battery charging of a longer established brand. The indoor model is wired and looks a little like a different brand in design. It runs off mains and the base is so light that you are supposed to use a sticky pad to keep it in position. It runs on the 2.4 GHz wifi band only, which is annoying for our home as that frequency is too crowded already. Websites of security equipment should inspire confidence yet the company hasn’t replaced chunks of meaningless placeholder text in their content managed system at the time of writing.

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  17. Savvysaverme

    Stylish Easy to Set up Indoor Security Camera

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Delivered by DPDThe Arenti indoor security camera arrived in its own box included was a long usb lead , a usb plug the camera itself , an Arenti security window sticker, double sided adhesive tape ( for fixing to wall ) , a guarantee card and a quick start guide .Setting it up was simple , I simply downloaded the Arenti app to my phone , I don’t have Alexa or Google but you can use these with this camera too .I chose not to subscribe for cloud storage although this is an option . It’s best to have an SD card if you want to save recordings .Onto the unit itself . The camera is set in a circle of aluminium alloy on a base made from the same lightweight metal which can rotate 360° . It has a built in micophone and speaker which is a benefit if you’re using it indoors and have toddlers ( especially when they go unaturally quiet ) , being able to use the two way audio is brilliant . Placing it at a window facing outwards also works giving you a clear image of what’s happening outside the only down side to using it this way is the two way audio is a bit redundant .The Night vision turns itself on as soon as dusk falls , you can clearly identify visitors without having to get out of your seat .The picture quality from camera to app is good quality , clear enough that I can see exactly what’s going on in front of the camera .Priced at £44.99 it’s a steal that could stop others stealing from you . I’m very happily recommending this stylish indoor security camera .

  18. Hippo!

    Great imagines day and night

    It is the IP Camera, 2K WiFi security camera with Infrared night vision and motion detectionThis camera comes in a box with instructions on how to install and set upThe camera is quick and easy to set up even if you are not a very technical person. There is a step by step guide in the instruction booklet which all you have to do is connect the cables and the.Takes a few minutes to install but it is very simple. I had no problems.The camera also has audio so you can listen as well.This is good for your home for example baby bedroom, pet monitor or just generally around your house if you are not in. You can feel safe with this camera as you can check in at any time.It’s a great product and good quality for the price. It’s good how there is a SD card slot so you can have this to record for motion detection for security purposes and there are connections to connect to your alarm system to trigger when motions are detected.Overall a very good IP camera compared to other products and works really well and the material is very smooth and strong for long lasting and the quality is very good.

  19. Neminem

    Good clarity of lens but menu system not very good.

    This is a good security camera that works really well. It’s simple to set up and once you connect it to your wifi signal you are done. currently, it will only run on the 2.4 GHz frequency and that can sometimes cause lag because of how crowded this frequency can get. But overall it’s fine.One of the great features of this camera is the motion alerts, if the camera detects any movement you are alerted via the app, this makes this camera not only a security device but can also act as a baby monitor. You can also program it to focus on hotspot areas. The two-way audio channel is also a great feature as it allows you to address the situation according.However, the menu system is not very intuitive and even annoying sometimes to navigate.Overall, the uses for this camera are many, especially a camera with such good clarity. you are hard-pressed to another one that is so competitively priced despite the menu system is lacking.

  20. T. K. Elliott

    Very easy to set up – WIRED for power, not battery – needs an SD card & wifi

    This little indoor security camera is very easy to set up out of the box, provided you have an SD card to put in it. Also note that it is NOT battery powered: it will need a power connection. A micro-USB cable and plug adapter is supplied.All you need to do is download the app, set up an account, and follow the simple instructions. The app picked up my camera first time, and it started working immediately. When motion is detected, it sends an alert to your phone, films the intruder, and takes a photo. The picture quality is pretty good.This little camera does exactly what it says on the box, and you can’t say fairer than that.

  21. mark moorhouse

    Mains powered but good quality and features

    This camera was very easy to set up, download the Arenti app from App Store and follow the instructions. There are many different modes and setup takes about 10 minutes.Once setup you can start capturing video straight away in multiple formats even in FHD which was very impressive but will soon fill the memory of your phone.It struggles as do most cameras of this type with direct sunlight and pictures can become whitewashed so you need to bare this in mind when you place the camera.The camera itself has to be powered which is why I docked it one star straight from the off as all the advertising shows no trailing wires. Along with this fact the lead supplied is about a metre long which limits where you can place the camera as it needs to be close to a plug.The camera comes with motion and sound detectors, two way audio, night vision and a privacy mode, so you can switch off the camera if needed. You get notifications when it detects sound or motion, which you can then play back via the App. You can install a Micro USB card up to 256gb which depending on what video compression you choose will last a serious amount of time before it gets full.Im still getting to grips with the motion sensors and video capabilities but all in all a very good security camera that can be used for additional piece of mind if you leave your home unoccupied for long periods of the day.

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  22. dianakos

    . CCTV camera, very pretty and small.

    Very good packaging. CCTV camera, very pretty and small. It is so small that it is very easy to attach to any surface and can be rotated 360 degrees. Wi-Fi connects without problems. This design gives more freedom in choosing a place for installing a CCTV camera. This camera is very convenient for home use, it can be quickly installed without drilling holes in the ceiling and running wires. It is very convenient for me. I advice!

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great quality camera!

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’ve set this up and it’s fab! The quality of the pictures and recordings and brilliant on this camera . Just right for what I want them for. Keeping an eye on my gaming computer while I am out!

  24. Cogent Asparagus

    Arenti Indoor Security Cam: Impressive Tech

    The Arenti indoor security camera is a discreet and lightweight (237g) camera of a sleek and simple appearance that belies the quality of image it captures. But on an integrated stand that allows for a good range of positioning, which with the wide angle lens enables a very good field of view captured in HD. It can stand on a flat surface or be screwed onto a horizontal or vertical surface, or the provided sticky pads can be utilised if one doesn’t want to use screws. The Arenti app must be downloaded (from Apple or from the Google Store for Android) and installed on your phone, and I found the wi-fi connection procedure to be straight forward and with no problems, all very smooth. I added an SD card, which failed to inform me it needed formatting until after I’d already recorded (or so I thought) and tried to play back the footage… so bear that in mind; your FAT32 SD card needs formatting – the app can do this for you when the card is installed, it simply won’t tell you first. The App control use a lot of icons, but it was not immediately obvious to me what the function of some of them was, but the major functions weren’t too difficult to discern. I was particularly impressed at the detection zones grid system that allows one to set just where in frame the motion sensor will activate; this means that it is possible to exclude areas where constant movement triggers recording, like tree branches, passing cars etc. The image was very crisp, but if one is using it from indoors to view/monitor outside through a window one should bear in mind that the IR will render it useless at night. Indoors however, it is very effective, and can be set to automatically detect ambient light levels and automatically switch to night vision, which s functional, but as might be expected is not of the quality of daylight images.Be aware however that it does struggle a bit with high contrast. There is also a certain degree of latency – I have sound connections but there was a lag of about 2 seconds in Live view video, although audio was instant both ways. The microphone is particularly effective, and helps provide two way audio – in fact if one has it on live and has the phone too close to the camera it will induce feedback! It does make for a very effective child monitor, and even has a score or more popular and traditional lullaby audio files that can be played remotely via the app, which I thought was an excellent function. One has a choice of saving recordings to an SD card (not supplied) or to a cloud storage facility (there is a trial offer) and you can download files to your phone, but I would have liked to be able to have the facility to access through a computer. But I guess you can’t have everything, and I think it’s impressive enough at £44.99.

  25. Laura Smith

    So good!

    Love this. It’s so easy to set up and install. Once running, you can open the app on your phone and watch what’s going on! You can even talk through it, good when your husband is getting a drink and you fancy one too! When the app is turned on, it will alert you depending on your settings. I only turn it on when nobody is in the house, and within seconds of motion detection it alerts you and takes a photo. So good, and so cheap too.

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