M1 Baby Monitor

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Arenti M1 Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Mini Camera Baby Monitor


Laxihub Baby Camera WiFi 1080P FHD, M1 Baby Monitor with Crying & Motion Detection, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, Smart Home Camera Compatible with Alexa, Google

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 cm

1pc, 1pc with SD card

73 reviews for M1 Baby Monitor

  1. shequita

    Beautiful night vision

    Great quality for such a low price!

  2. Whitney

    Exceptional customer service

    The customer service on this item is exceptional!The product was received and I was not satisfied and they made it right!


    Love IT!

    This is amazing. I can see my baby while I’m at work

  4. Travis L White

    Easy to use. A MUST for child rooms

    This is the most bang for your buck! We needed a monitor that would connect with our iPad and phones and this is great! Our daughter is going to transition to a big girl bed and we wanted to be sure we could see if she got out of bed. The picture is SO clear, even in a pitch black room. I am obsessed with this! It even alerts you if there is movement!!!

  5. Barbara CT

    Great features, great battery life, amazing price!

    Awesome camera, totally worth the price! Extremely impressed with the night vision. in particularly; it is literally crystal clear.. perfect for Keeping an eye the baby at night.The picture quality in general is bright vivid and crisp.The two way talk range is terrific, my home on the first floor is about 900 ft.². I can hear the baby all the way on the other side of the house.The cry detection feature has come in handy on so many occasions over the past couple of months of owning this monitor.. i’m very happy that I chose this model for this feature alone..So many other helpful features as well! The battery life amazes me, I get a good 3 days of use out of it on one charge .I highly recommend this monitor!.

  6. jkauser

    A little bit of a lag but can’t beat that price.

    Love it for the price. I have a more expensive camera that does not lag as much but I paid $200 for that one. This one is only about $30 and does the same things with a bit of lag. For the price saving, I would buy this any day.

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  7. emilysan


    I like it a lot, it’s very easy to install and setup

  8. Judith Rushing.

    Its small

    I doesn’t not rotate.. ut it has very good quality image and its small also.. but for the price its an excellent product

  9. Sarafus

    Great overall

    Great product! The night vision is awesome and so is the sound and quality.

  10. chenyupei



  11. Amazon Customer

    Great security camera or baby camera

    It works great

  12. Wayne

    Peace of Mind

    Thanks to this camera i able to know what my mischievous 2 year old is climbing on !

  13. Shanice B

    Nice Camera.

    Love this camera and for the price, you cannot beat it! Night vision is awesome! And I love that you can set the alerts to “low, medium, or high” motion or sounds alerts. Also works great on my Alexa Echo! Definitely recommend this camera!

  14. erendira


    Excelente producto.

  15. lori jeziorski



  16. Amazon Customer

    Good quality overall.

    Hard to setup…

  17. Elle C.

    Great buy

    Great inexpensive camera

  18. Luis Cruz

    Great buy

    This LAXIHUB home security camera is amazing, 1080p Full HD has motion detection, it’s 2.4g wifi, two-way audio, night vision and real-time alerts. Easy to use, insert a memory card up to 128GB (not included) and then connect it to the power outlet (USB cable included). You can use the Arenti app to stay connected to your camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. You can use Alexa and the Google Assistant. Includes a complete kit in case you want to install it on the wall. Perfect for security in your home, office and peace of mind. Ideal for monitoring babies, children, pets, etc.

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  19. Madison


    Such an affordable little camera with amazing picture and night vision. Easy to use and replaced our baby cam – highly recommend!

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great recorder and easy to use.

    I bought it to watch our puppy at night. It works well. I am pleased with the sound and video quality.

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  21. Kayla

    Wonderful product

    Just set it up but love it I am so happy with it so far I am using it for my newborn son to keep an eye while trying to get stuff done around here and so far is working great the picture is really clear.

  22. Tyetianna Williams



  23. Haley

    You can’t change its name once you submit it ?

    It’s exactly as described

  24. rachel billiot

    Love it

    It’s a very clear picture and good night vision. Just wish it zoomed in. But it even catches the dog going in the room to dig when we are not home. Lol

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  25. Ari

    It’s simple to install

    I like how it’s easy to install

  26. Ashley

    A little lag but good

    Nice camera

  27. Alicia Alvizo

    Got my money’s worth.

    Really good buy, works even when I’m not home sends alerts to my phone. Even with a loud noice alerts.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Great, affordable, convenient.

    Its a decent camera for the price for sure. Here is what the pros and cons arePros:Pros: smart detect feature is possible. Images are decent. You can speak into the camera.Cons: sometimes the images in LIVE mode shows up a bit slower.Overall, for it’s use and intent it works and is a fraction of the cost of other cameras and baby monitors. It’s a step up from our other one in terms of picture quality and sound. Wouldn’t hesitate buying it again.

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  29. Cleverson Vitorino



  30. Samantha Van De Carr

    Worth it.

    I’m honestly super impressed, using this as a baby monitor. Setting it up was quick and really simple! The video quality is shockingly amazing. Definitely a good deal!

  31. Miss Parker

    Great quality

    Fantastic product. I love it.

  32. eilianys



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  33. Kathryn W.

    Highly recommend

    This product is amazing, it even allows you to zoom in on your baby. Love it


    Nice wifi baby camera

    Purchased this camera to use as a secondary baby nursery camera (sometimes he sleeps in different rooms of the house during the day). The camera arrived in a nice package and with all pieces included. Easy to set-up and use. The two way talk works well, and it‘s very easy to hear/understand the person speaking. It allows me to view our camera from any distance which is a great improvement over a non WiFi baby monitor which has a limited distance (we couldn’t walk across our house with the monitor without the connection cutting out on our typical baby monitor). I would definitely recommend this for anybody who wants good quality for an amazing price!

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  35. Charlene & Jerry


    Good little camera

  36. Cindy

    A really great camera!

    The camera is really nice. I was able to connect it to the app within 5minutes. The night vision is very clear and the motion camera is very useful. When there is movement near the camera, it will notify me and take a quick picture of the movement. Also it can sense the sound so whenever there is sound it will be able to record what making the sound for 1-3minute depending on the time you choose. The recording and picture are 1080p and it really clear to see. Overall this is a very great camera that has night vision and motion detection.

  37. Tamer Hassan

    useful baby cam

    my son finally sleeps in his room , so I bought this camera after reading couple of reviews and I thought of giving it a try.easy connect to the app toke me less than 5mints ,, the pictures quality is great,it has night vision, motion detection, and can talk with my son through it, good size…during the day I can monitor him through it while he plays and make sure he is okay .BUT u cant zoom in and there is a small blue led that seems to bother my kid sometimes at night and keeps pointing at it, doesnt rotate ,,, otherwise its a good baby cam for the price.

  38. Ruisheng A.

    Good product

    I purchased as a gift for my brother’s new born. They liked it a lot.

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  39. Judy

    watching baby sleep

    I babysit for my granddaughters 1 year old. This is very helpful to see when she is sleeping and when she wakes up. I am still learning how to use everything, but love it so far.


    Good quality Camera

    Motion detection is awesome

  41. Jasmine Miles Smith

    Easy setup

    Nice camera and easy to setup

  42. krystle stolleis

    Great little security baby camera

    Great little security baby camera! Easy to install, great Hd picture quality, and amazing price at under $35! Highly recommend! You can’t beat what you get here! Has two way audio, and motion and crying detection which is an amazing feature! Highly recommend!

  43. Kalene Proctor

    Very nice and easy to set up

    It’s real clear and easy to set up

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  44. Amazon Customer

    Not bad

    After 2 years with Arlo and no longer connecting, thought it was the cord but it was the device. I gave up on it, didn’t want to spend so much on another one so I got this one. the quality is really good. And very easy to connect. I hope for what it cost, 25$, it wont go ? after a couple of months

  45. Rob Lamka

    Arenti camera Laxihub wifi baby camera

    It’s definitely a nice little camera for the cost. The picture quality is pretty good for it not being an expensive camera as well as the set up of the camera was super easy.

  46. Jessica Taylor


    Great gift

  47. imran

    Baby room

    Works great for baby room!

  48. Amazon Customer

    It’s working

    Y like

  49. Sean

    Love it!

    I bought this camera because I recently got a puppy, it was easy to set up and works just as expected. The picture quality is great for this price! Now I am able to see my dog when I am not home.

  50. Poliana Oliveira

    Upgraded e I’m satisfied

    I am satisfied now with the product!

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  51. Amanda & Desiree

    Hidden camera

    This baby/nanny cam works very well in daytime and nighttime. It can detect motion very easily and captures good quality pictures at any time. It is made solid, durable and sturdy. It is small enough to be hidden so that you can view the surroundings without being detected. The camera and the app are both very easy to use. Great value for the money

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  52. Julie

    Great camera for the price

    This camera is great for the price. I use it to monitor my granddaughter in her crib. The day vision picture is very clear. The night vision is not as clear, but good enough. The motion detection is good. It does not go off every time she moves.

  53. Gracie

    Great monitor!

    This is perfect for the little one. We get alerted and can click in to see everything going on. We can even talk to her! We live it and bring it with us even when we travel!

  54. Stephanie Vaughan

    Great camera and quality is great

    Took a little long for it to connect to wifi after 3rd try

  55. Amanda Hancock

    Would recommend

    Works great for what I needed it for!

  56. Cristian castro

    Good vision

    It is good quality you can see the sorroundings clear and it’s pretty easy to connect

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  57. Lauren Behringer

    Great for keeping an eye and ear on the baby day and night

    I recently started sleep training my son and putting him in his own room and crib at night and wanted a camera that would give me full access at a distance. I can check in on him and make sure he’s ok and listen in too. The alert will pop up with motion or crying detected and takes a quick picture of it. This helps me know if he is just moving around or actually awake and crying for a while. Then I know if I really need to go into his room or just wait it out. The picture quality during the day and night is pretty good. You also have the option to use the cloud service or an SD card to save the video and even without that, you can still save a picture or short video to your phone if you’re watching live and see a cute moment or whatever that you want to capture. It came with a mounting sticker and it’s on the wall pretty good. It does not rotate, therefore I only have it showing the crib since I’m mainly concerned with when he’s asleep. I really like this camera better than other expensive baby monitors. Would definitely buy again or recommend to anyone who’s looking for something simple yet effective.

    8 people found this helpful

  58. Mmai

    Good product

    The picture is not very clear and you can’t check the room temperature with it other than that it works well

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  59. Alyssa Renee Moore

    Love this perfect for price

    Love how cheap it was but the quality is amazing for me to see my kids play area and be able to talk with them while they are there

  60. Lizz

    It’s great.

    I used this to monitor my woodstove that is located in my basement. It works great and also tells me when the dog or the cat walks by. It’s saved a lot of trips running up and down the stairs to see if I need more wood.

  61. Amazon Customer


    This camera is awesome! I’ve been through 2 baby monitor systems this year and they both stopped connecting to the base within a couple of months. I decided to get one that connects to my phone and I love it! The picture quality is great, it’s easy to set up and I can check on my son from anywhere! The only thing that I cant do with this one that I could do with the systems is pan the camera around the room but I can live without that 🙂

  62. del561

    Great picture

    Great picture day or night. Great quality even when zoomed in. Great camera.

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  63. Terry


    Loved it

  64. Amazon Customer

    Great yet inexpensive Camera!

    Easy to install. Inexpensive. Great Quality.

  65. tamara sosa

    Small and great video quality on phone

    This is perfect!!! Great video image quality and what I love is that it’s so easy to setup, so you can literally pack and go anywhere !

    17 people found this helpful


    Pretty good for the price

    Pretty good for the price. App is a little difficult to navigate at times. But otherwise pretty good little camera

  67. Violet

    Good quality for good price

    Such a nice deal

  68. Yanira

    Y me yego al tiempo preciso

    Muy buena calidad

  69. Kathy

    Me llego super rápido se ve muy bien y se escucha Me encanta

    Love it

  70. Pamela Lopez

    I’m excited

    Haven’t tried it I just received it today but I’m sure I’m going to like

  71. Trinna


    I have been wanting one of these for a while. These are really easy to use. The instructions were easy to follow. The picture quality is really good. The motion detection works really well. The price was really affordable.

  72. Kindle Customer


    Camera is amazing, I can see what is happening at home when I am at work.

  73. Rebecca


    Amazing price and product

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