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Some Interesting Ways To Use the Arenti Cams

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People get pretty creative with their Arenti smart cameras. Let’s check out these ways that people use their Arenti smart cameras creatively.

What do you get when you cross a door camera with a bird feeder?

To make that connection, you probably need to be pretty creative, and customers who own Arenti Smart Cameras have proven that they are! Every day, real people are hacking technology and creating their own solutions to real-world problems. A lot of those solutions start with Arenti Smart Cameras

Creative Arenti customers have used their smarts to create bespoke mounts that have improved their lives in unexpected ways! It goes to show that, when it comes to Arenti cameras, the possibilities are endless! 

Here are a few creative ideas that have come from real Arenti Smart Camera customers.

Read on to find some inspiration for your own creative projects! We can’t wait to see what you will create with the Arenti outdoor camera, video camera, and indoor camera

Battery-powered Video Doorbell, Never Miss a Knock

Get long-lasting power with the built-in 6700mAh battery, no frequent charging hassles. Enjoy the simple installation with wire-free design, no complex wiring hassles. Your best DIY video doorbell system.

Arenti video doorbell camera B1 is already versatile. It uses motion-tracking technology to capture the action as it’s happening.

Get notifications when visitors press your doorbell, never miss any package delivery or important guest. Receive instant alerts when anyone approaches and triggers the built-in motion sensors, even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Give instruction to visitors just by tapping a button. Talk to guests without ever leaving your seat, and getting close to answering the door.

This video doorbell camera works perfectly without a subscription. You will be able to access all the features that Laxihub B1 offers like: human motion alerts, livestreaming, two-way talk or playback to see missed events, and much more.

The Stylish Outdoor Arenti Camera

For some customers, aesthetics is important. While the Arenti outdoor camera has a sleek, clean look, we understand that it may not be every customer’s style. When it comes to the outside of your home, there’s no shame in wanting to match the camera to your house!  

With or without the upgrade, the customer’s favorite security camera is still able to provide HD footage, two-way audio, and an alarm for added security. It captures clear video, regardless of lighting conditions. The only difference is that now it looks good doing it! 

The Birdwatcher 

When is an outdoor camera not an outdoor camera? When it’s a super sneaky outdoor bird-watching camera! 

One nature-loving Arenti customer used their motion-activated Panorama view camera to create a motion-activated nature cam. I‘m willing to bet this one was easier to maintain and a lot more affordable! Because the camera is weatherproof, it does just fine as a silent observer in the tree! 

All the customer had to do was set up a bird feeder and wait. The Panorama camera captured high-definition footage of the birds, which was automatically saved on the cloud. Because it is motion-activated, the camera didn’t miss a single visitor!

This sneaky tree-mounted camera has the added benefit of providing surveillance. If any sneaky squirrels come and try to steal from the backyard birds, the customer knows right away! 

This creative use of our camera has already inspired other customers to set up their own feeder cams! Our heads are spinning with other applications for our Panorama view cameras! How about setting up a camera near a nest, rabbit’s burrow, or local pond? 

If you love nature, the only obstacle is your creativity! It’s great to know that something can keep our cameras in a place for a good, long time! 

The Arenti Camera Has No Limits!

Our customers have come up with many creative ideas to use and hang their Arenti door camera. Whether they are keeping a close eye on a workshop space, or taking a census of the local birds, they have made Arenti Smart Cameras work for them! What kind of creative project will you come up with? 

If you have found a creative use or solution involving your Arenti Cam, we’d love to hear about it! You can post your best Arenti project to our Facebook Group.

Don’t have an Arenti camera yet? Visit our shop and choose the camera that’s right for you. We can’t wait to see what creative uses you will come up with!

2 Replies to “Some Interesting Ways To Use the Arenti Cams”

  1. Dani6

    Helo everybody. I have a Arenti Go1 cam. Can it be used as a trail cam, out in the Woods ore it needs constant wifi conection. Keep in mind that i dont neceari need to be nitified every time an animal pases. I just need to put it out ther and every now and then check out the memory card.

    1. Joseph Joseph
      Joseph Joseph[ Post Author ]

      Yes, better you can use the SP1 solar panel to keep the GO1 stay in charge to have a long stand-by time.

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